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General Information & 

Notice to Participants


This trial will be held under AAC rules.

This is a LIMITED entry trial.

Trial will be run on a grass surface and will continue rain or shine.

Competitors, through submission of entry, acknowledge that they know the AAC rules and regulations.

Handlers should be aware of the running order and watch for possible changes. All dogs must be ready in the ON DECK area at least 2 dogs prior to their run.

Move Ups are permitted and the Trial Secretary MUST be informed in writing (email) 5 days prior to the event. Move ups will be allowed the day of competition for qualifying scores earned that day.

No collars, toys, treats or other training aids will be permitted on course at any time, including Warm Up Runs (as per AAC rules). Leads are allowed to enter the ring but must be left behind the start line

All obstacles conform to AAC specifications.

This trial is open to all dogs, purebred and non-purebred, that are at least 18 months of age and have an AAC ID number. ALL DOGS must have an AAC ID number issued by the AAC prior to the event. Please note it may take several weeks to receive your ID Card. NO ID cards are available for purchase at the trial. A Valid AAC ID card must be presented at the trial check-in; otherwise the dog must be measured for verification of jump height and must jump the height they are measured at.


There shall be no refunds, cancellations or changes after the closing date. In the event a dog and/or handler are dismissed from the competition regardless of the reason for the dismissal, for a dog that is absent from the competition or in the event of inclement weather / acts of god, there shall also be no refunds. Refunds will be given in the form of Trial Credits for a future trial for dogs that come into heat or are injured after the closing date, providing that the Trial Secretary is notified within 48 hours prior to the start of the trial with a veterinary note.

Cheques may be deposited once received. No postdated cheques shall be accepted. Trial confirmations will be sent out a including schedule of events. Trial Entries Received will be posted on the website once received and updated frequently.   ALL NSF cheques are subject to a $25.00 NSF Fee in addition to required entry fees.

PLEASE clean up after your dog. ANYONE seen not cleaning up after their dog will be dismissed from the trial site immediately without refund.

Any handler who is found to be abusive to their dog will be dismissed from the trial and the incident shall be reported to the AAC Disciplinary Committee.

No entries will be accepted (unless trial is not full), cancelled or substituted after the closing date.

Absolute Agility Recreational Facilities (AARF) organizing committee has reserved the right to refuse any entry, for any reason.

All entries must be completed correctly and accompanied by the proper fee to be valid.

Further Info


Title Trial - Dogs will be divided into 4 height groups in 3 different divisions; Regular, Special and Veteran. The Masters Standard courses are open to all dogs that have an AADC Title; the Masters Games are open to all dogs that have received three corresponding Advanced Games qualifying scores in the same game under 2 different judges. The Advanced Standard courses are open to all dogs that have an ADC; Advanced Games are for dogs that have received two qualifying score in the same Starters Game under 2 different judges. Starters Standard courses are open to all dogs that have not received their ADC title. Starter Games are open to any dogs that have not received two qualifying scores in that event. Steeplechase is open to any dog entered in the trial.

Obstacles- A-Frame, Dogwalk, Teeter Totter, Weave Poles, Table, Flexible Tunnels, 8 Foot Chute (collapsible tunnel), Tire Jump, Ascending Spread Jump, Double Jump, and Single Jumps.

Facilities-This is an outdoor trial and will be held rain or shine. You will be required to provide your own shade, seating, water (drinking and cooling) and crating for your dog. Come dressed for the weather.

Dog Aggression- All dogs MUST be kept in an x-pen, crate, in your car, or on leash when not in the ring, this includes the grounds and parking lot. IN ORDER to avoid incidence of dog aggression, please give all dogs lots of room and be aware of what your friendly dog is doing. Any dog engaging in aggressive behavior at any time will be required to leave the show grounds. In such cases NO refunds will be issued.