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Volunteer Job Descriptions


Volunteer Retriever - The Volunteer Retriever goes and finds the volunteers for the next event as the course builders are building the course.   Simply yelling names is not effect.  You should actually speak to each volunteer and make sure that they know what job they were assigned.

Chief Course Builder - While the previous run is finishing, you find all the course builders for the next event.  Distribute course maps to the course builders and over see the course building if needed

Course Builder - Under the direction of the Chief Course Builder build the next course.

Timer - Start the timer for the competitor walk throughs and time competitor runs using electronic timing equipment.

Scribe - Watch the judge and write all calls on the score page.

Gate - Ensure that dogs are to the start line in the proper order, inform the ring crew of height / division changes and inform the judge of FEO and Junior Handler runs.

Leash Runner/Gate Assistant - Direct the dog when it is time to enter the ring by opening the gate at the time that the judge wants them entered then collect the leash from the dogs starting point and leave it at the exit gate.

Ring Crew - Under the direction of the Gate person change jump heights and replace any displaced bars at the end of the each dogs run.

Computer Scoring - Anyone who know the Agility Rocks software is welcome to enter scores or assist entering scores for the trial.