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About Absolute Agility

Starting in 2000 I taught lessons and hosted seminars.  In 2002 , I started hosting AAC agility trials as part of The Agility Connection Team.  In 2006, two different clubs were then formed, The Agility Connection and Absolute Agility Recreational Facility (AARF).  

It was exciting to bring more trialing and training opportunities to the Kingston and surrounding areas. 

Continuing to grow, meet new friends and watching all the successes happen at Absolute Agility is a success for me.

Absolute Agility has been Club Sponsor for many of the Ontario Regionals.

Starting out with a big dream of having a facility in the future, putting that in the name will keep the dream alive!

Absolute Agility prides itself in being a friendly and supportive trialing environment.  It is my goal for people to have a trialing environment where they feel that they belong.  Volunteers and Club member make the AARF trials the success that they are.  Everyone matters and Everyone belongs.  Without that sense of pride, we could not have the atmosphere that you all have helped me create.  So from the bottom of my heart ...THANKS!    And especially to my husband Paul and my boys Logan and Mason, who have shown how much that they believe in me and support me through the process of starting up a brand new agility club.

In 2012, AARF hosted the FIRST ever Ontario East Regional Championships.  It was the first time in the history of the AAC that Ontario hosted both an Ontario East and West Championship.  We were very happy to be part of that historical moment.

I am ABSOLUTELY looking forward the future and sharing my dream with all my friends, new and old!

 - Jennifer Laird

(Reign, Ricochet, Ellipsis, Force of Nature, Artemis and Sir Prize)