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Agility Dog Sports

In agility competitions, dogs negotiate obstacles while following their handlers' commands.  Judges watch the dogs ability to perform every obstacle to ensure it was completed properly and safely.  The Judges will assign fault points for any errors on the course by either the dog or the handler, (YES ... Handlers can be faulted as well).
Agility is great for people as well.  It's a spectator event and an opportunity for people and their canine companions to bond through training and practice time together.
There are dog agility forums, chat rooms, mailing lists, and clubs. You can get dog agility clipart, course designer programs, and scoreboard and record management programs for your computer. You can learn from books and videos about dog agility, and you can wear your interest with dog agility T-shirts.
Where it all Started  
Dog Agility began as an extra entertainment to fill time between events at the world-famous Crufts International Dog Show in Britain in 1978. It was such a success with both the spectators and the participants that a new dog sport was born.  
Agility combines a fast pace, an athletic challenge, strategy and teamwork. Everywhere the sport is introduced, dogs, handlers, volunteers and spectators alike fall in love with the crazy fun-filled games that give Agility its name.  
Today, agility enjoys enormous popularity in Britain, with well-attended competitions every weekend during the show season. The larger events draw thousands of competitors and attract huge, appreciative audiences - many competitions are televised. This enthusiasm has spread to virtually all of Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand, followed by the USA in 1986, making Dog Agility a truly international dog sport.  
Dog Agility roots were planted in Ottawa, Canada in 1988, with the founding of the Agility Dog Association of Canada (now called the Agility Association of Canada; AAC) by Art Newman (who passed away in March of 2017). Agility clubs are now firmly established in all major centers in Canada, and many smaller outlying areas from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.
There are many different Agility organizations through out Canada, the US and the world.  
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