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About Me

I  started with Agility in Ontario in 1998 when moving to Ontario from Nova Scotia.

I started with my fabulous Dalmatian Apache. She completed her VADC, VAADC, VMADC and VMJDC before leaving for the Rainbow Bridge in August of 2005.  She also competed in 2004 Ontario Regionals and Qualified for Nationals, where I was VERY proud to have the only Dalmatian competing in the 2004 AAC Nationals in Montreal, Quebec.  She was also listed on the AAC Top Dogs list in 2004.  Apache and I even appeared on the show TOP DOGS in 2004.  I miss her daily and credit her with much that I have learned about LOVING agility.

I have taught Agility lessons since 1999 and have been loving it ever since.  I've had the privilege of volunteering at many club trials in Ontario and have learned how important volunteers are.  I have also made a tremendous amount of amazing new friends that I could never imagine myself without.  Agility has brought me so much more than ribbons and titles but has taught me a lot about my life.  It has taught me to take the time to enjoy the things around you and take the opportunity to remove stress from my life and replace it with positive energy.  And as a dear friend of mine has said to me... The most important thing to bring home from a trial is your dog.

After all ... Isn't that who it is all about!

I have competed in AAC (Agility Association of Canada), CPE (Canine Performance Events), PDSC (Progressive Dog Sports of Canada), USDAA (United Stated Dog Agility Association) and UKI (UK Agility International).  In 2006 I became a judge for CPE, an AAC judge in 2007, a PDSC Judge in 2010 and UKI Judge in 2015.  I have been enjoying this opportunity to travel to both Canadian coasts and many US States as an Agility Dog Show Judge.  

Getting to meet so many fabulous people and how they love this sport as much as I do!

I have been on the committees for the Ontario Regionals and Nationals for the past several years and have hosted the Ontario East Regional Championships from 2012 - 2019.

I have judged Regional events for AB/NWT (2014), SK/MB/NU (2015) and AB/NWT (2016), ON West (2018, 2019 and 2022)

I was part of the judging team for Nationals in Quebec in 2016 and in Ontario in 2018.

Competing at Spruce Meadows in Alberta with Fredericka (Now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge) and winning the National Championship title was definitely been a Highlight of my agility career so far.

I am married to my wonderful husband Paul for the past 20 plus years, without his amazing support I would have never seen it possible for my dreams to become a reality.  We have 2 boys Logan and Mason who grew up going to dog trials and hanging out with Mom.... Hotels with a pool always help as a little bribe when needed.

Paul and I have been involved with horse rescue for several years and also used to run a riding stable for semi retired horses, no one likes to retire completely!   Through the horse rescue I have been asked to be involved in dog rescue as well.   I am thankful to the wonderful people who have opened their homes to all these fabulous pups.

I am currently loved by 6 dogs: 

Reign, Ricochet, Force of Nature, The Goddess Artemis, Sir Prize Miracle and Shooter